How Can Someone Get Pro-Bono Cosmetic Plastic Surgery?

pro bono plastic surgeryFinding pro bono plastic surgery can be very difficult, but for many potential patients who need cosmetic work, getting quality pro bono plastic surgery can be worth the effort. The trick is to know both where to look and which types of surgeons will be most likely to offer low cost or prop bono plastic surgery and to have a good idea of the type of surgery that you’d like before you start looking.

Pro Bono Plastic Surgery Options

Many people look for plastic surgery from schools that specialize in the practice. The idea makes sense, as anyone who has ever received a free hair cut from a barber school knows. Unfortunately, you cannot receive pro bono plastic surgery from students, as this is not considered a safe practice by any academic institution; only a professional surgeon can perform plastic surgery. The good news is that you can sometimes find a doctor’s office with a plastic surgeon internship program. These programs offer low-cost or pro bono plastic surgery to patients from licensed doctors who are part of the internship, and surgery tends to be of very high quality. Most pro bono plastic surgery of this type will be monitored by experienced plastic surgeons, and the risks and results for this pro bono plastic surgery tend to be about the same as what you would find from expensive cosmetic plastic surgery options.

Before looking for pro bono plastic surgery from an internship program, know which types of pro bono surgery that you need. Research different options and results and make sure that you are selecting a pro bono plastic surgery that will be offered by a given internship program. For instance, if you are looking for pro bono plastic surgery from a rhinoplasty clinic, realize that they will probably not be able to offer any other procedures that you may want cosmetically. The purpose of pro bono plastic surgery programs is to give doctors experience, not to perfectly match the needs of the patient. If you need several types of pro bono plastic surgery, you may have to look to several sources to complete your treatment.

Some types of pro bono plastic surgery are offered for reconstructive purposes. A person who needs a cleft lip prepared, for instance, or who needs cosmetic surgery after an accident but does not have the financial means to buy plastic surgery may be eligible for pro bono plastic surgery from a certain clinic. However, this type of pro bono plastic surgery requires a clear need for treatment, and even so, a patient who requires cosmetic treatment may need to inquire with several surgeons to find a free option.

Alternatives to Pro Bono Plastic Surgery

Pro bono plastic surgery may also be paid for by news organizations or other media professionals who have an interest in studying the effects of plastic surgery. This type of pro bono plastic surgery can be very difficult to find, of course, but all of the potential costs of surgery can be covered. A good place to look for news coverage is on forums and television channel websites. Do not inquire about pro bono plastic surgery unless you’re certain that a news organization is interested in such a story. You’ll probably be wasting your time and theirs, so it’s much better to look into other avenues when trying to obtain pro bono plastic surgery.

As with any form of surgery, pro bono plastic surgery may carry risks, and you may have fewer legal rights for pressing litigation if the surgery results in unintended consequences. Surgeons that offer pro bono plastic surgery will often include special terms in surgery contracts that act as waivers. As they’re offering a free service, such terms are usually not up for negotiation. Nevertheless, read them and consult a lawyer if you do not understand any terms. It’s important to know your legal rights with pro bono plastic surgery and how the terms of a contract serve to protect both you and the surgeon who has agreed to provide his services.

Partial Pro Bono Plastic Surgery

Realize that pro bono plastic surgery may still have some costs. Although an internship program or a good will program may cover the payment for the surgeon performing the pro bono plastic surgery, things like anesthesia may carry an additional cost. As such, you should carefully read the terms of any pro bono plastic surgery contract. Talk with a surgeon and other representatives of the doctor’s office to find out whether your pro bono plastic surgery will have extra costs and consider whether these costs are financially feasible. Ultimately, patients who need cosmetic surgery are usually willing to pay a bit of a pro bono plastic surgery, but it’s always wise to understand your costs and the potential risks of the procedure before agreeing to any form of surgical treatment even pro bono plastic surgery.

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  1. Christine Wise

    Hello my name is Christine and I’m sure this had been said millions of times, but I grew up poor the youngest of 8 siblings, at 8 and 9 I was violated for the first times in my life and then it happened again at 15 and again at 16yrs. Old our neighborhoods were rough in the cities of Chicago, Il. After so much trama over the years, I grew up angry and afraid of the world and found comfort in all the wrong men, my 1st. Pregnancy was at 17 yrs. Old by C-section 38 stitches 9’10 oz. baby girl in Feb.1988 my 1st. Of what would become 9 surgeries by 2011 2 C-sections, 1 partial hysterectomy, endometrial eblastion, gallbladder removed, 2 breast aspiration’s and 1 lumpecyomy, my body has scars from top to bottom and I am on disability from depression, I hate what I’ve become and how I’ve never experienced a scarless year my entire life and I just want to feel normal once in my life instead of hiding behind piles of clothing and now I am 41yrs.old 4 children, 2 marriages and 8yrs. Of battered womans syndrome, I know there isn’t any help for me, but this seem like a good place to vent and dream….thank you for reading this whoever felt lead to….Happy holiday and be thankful for your life. Christine

  2. chandra curbelo

    My son’s friend has a brother that had an accident with a gun and needs a prosthetic nose and much more. His mother is trying to do a fundraiser to try to raise money for some of the surgeries he needs, but as any mother can imagine she’s heart broken knowing she doesn’t have the money to help him get these surgeries. Do you have any advice for her where she could possibly get pro-bono help? Thanks in advance for any help you could possibly provide for this family.

    Chandra Curbelo

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